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Everyone meet our next poundie …. Nora!🧡 Nora came in from the pound where she was an unclaimed stray. No-one came forward for this pup, who’s only around 6 months old. We believe she’s a Kelpie or Kelpie cross. 💔 Sadly, this girl is very head shy and it’s clear she’s had a rubbish start to life. Someone has been very heavy handed with her in her short life.💔😫 Nora is coming along well and her confidence is growing daily. She’s now feeling safe and understanding no-one will ever hurt her again. ❤️‍🩹 This girl is adores learning new things. She’s very clever and loves to please. Nora is going to need to a home with an understanding of collie / kelpie types and the input their require.🌟🌟 Nora is now walking on-lead and loves going out with the volunteers. She’s allowing us to handle her much better now, as she trusts us. It’s simply heartbreaking how scared this girl was when she arrived. It was clear she wasn’t used to positive handling.💔🤯 This girl travels well and loves other dogs. She’s happy walking past traffic and is really enjoying exploring on walks. We know she’ll make someone the perfect adventure dog!🧡 She’s passed her healthcheck and just needs to gain some weight and condition, which will happen in no time. She’s a fab eater and we will start grooming her soon. We have started her vaccinations, flead and wormed her. She’ll be booked in to be spayed once she’s ready.💪🏼💞 Please share this young sweet girl. She would love an active lifestyle and is perfect for canicross, agility, obedience etc. ⭐️ Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;