Middle Aged

Everyone meet our m resident ….. Noelle! 🖤 This girl is stunning, inside and out! She’s nearly 4 years old and black with snowflakes! Noelle adores her cuddles and fusses. She’s a very sweet girl!😍🥰 Noelle has been rescued from the racing industry. She has nearly 40 races. Sadly, she damaged one of her back legs, which was believed to be tendon injury. Sadly, the trainer just ‘rested‘ her for 17 months.😣🤯 Since coming in to our care, she’s been doing great and has been an easy girl. Noelle is good on lead, travels well and really loves her food. This girl loves nothing more than a huge comfortable bed after a busy day of socialising and good company.😘 At the vets she was a star whilst we tried to see what’s best for her old injury. As she wasn’t given correct treatment, she can hold the leg up and sometimes she’ll do zoomies without an issue. 🐾 We have spayed her, she’s had a dental and had her leg x ray’d. Our vets believe it is a muscular more than anything, maybe over time, with massaging and the right exercise, it’ll get better. The good news is, she doesn’t seemed worried about it at all. We don’t think she’s in pain with it at all.❤️‍🩹 There’s nothing to say she can’t live a full, healthy life. She adores her walks which unlimited. 💜 So far, she’s been great with other dogs. She’s met little and large without an issue. We believe she could live with another dog, and dog-savvy children. Sadly, she cannot live with small furies. 🐶⭐️ In her foster home, she’s now got the hang of housetraining and being left a couple of house without an issue. She sleeps in her in bed in the bedroom and is in foster with another dog. This girl adores playing with her toys and is happy to allow you to take them from her etc without an issue. She travels well and enjoys a cuddle!😘😍 Please share this girl far and wide, so she can find her forever family!🏡 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;