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Everyone meet our next poundie ..... Nick!💚 This stunning lad is in need of a loving home to teach him the way of the world. Nick is a beautiful young boy, who is only small!😍 He is good with people and happy on lead. Nick loves his walks and is more than happy jumping in and out the car. He travels well too, you wouldn’t know he was there. Nick seems good with other dogs as well!🐾 Unfortunately Nick is quite underweight, you can wrap your hands around his waist. So we have our him on a few small meals a day. His condition will pick up very soon. He will go to the vets in the coming days! ❤️ We will keep you posted as his personality starts to come out. He is a lovely lad who needs some confidence and love! 😍 We are not doing any adoptions until 2020 now, however you can still put the applications form in!🐶 Please share this lad!🤞🏼 Remember to complete the adoption fo if you’re interested in adopting Nick