Everyone meet our next resident …… Netty!🩵 Netty is a lovely girl who arrived in our care through no fault of her own. More details will be given at the interview stage of the adoption process. She’s a good old fashioned crossbred who is around 7 months old. Netty is currently only around knee height and weights 16kg.🥰 This girl hasn’t had it easy so far in her short life. It’s clear she’s been a victim of heavy handling and sadly, we don’t think she’s seen much of the world either. However, once she knows and trusts you, she will do whatever you ask her to do. 🫶🏼 Netty is currently in foster with another calm and confident dog and a dog-savvy, older child. She adores the dog-savvy child within the house, it’s adults who make her nervous! 😣❤️‍🩹 When Netty arrived with us she had some injuries to her face and leg which look like dog bites. These are healing well with antibiotics and pain medication. She’s allowing us to handle her and play with her now too.❤️ This girl is very switched on and eager to please and, in the right environment, she will go far. Netty needs a confident handler who has been around nervous/ rescue dogs, someone empathic to her situation. Also, we are looking for someone who will ask for help, if needed, to help her blossom.🌸 She’s booked in to be spayed and vaccinated, once her wounds have healed. In the foster home, she’s doing well with her crate training and her house training too. Netty walks well on lead but is a pup and can forget from time to time. As we don’t know what cross she is, we aren’t 100% sure but we think she maybe a dog who needs to go to the groomers from time to time as well.✂️ Please share this young girl so she can find her forever home and forget about her past!🏡🤞🏽 Remember complete the form below if you’re if interested in adoption;