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Everyone meet our next poundie ….. Nessie!!❣️ Nessie has been in the pound and sadly no-one came forward for her. So it’s now our turn to find her the forever home she deserves. ❤️‍🩹 This girl is nearly one year old and is stunning, however she’s full of life and character. She’s a typical bouncy pup who wants to be part of everything! Her mircochip says she’s a scruffy lurcher x fox hound….. who knows!👌🏼 Nessie is a happy girl who loves her walks. Her lead training is getting better but she is very excited when she knows she’s going. 🐾 So far she has been fab with all humans and canines she has met. She is a little anxious with loud noises but is still adventurous and nosey!!! Nessie needs an active home where there is structure and routine. She’s a bright cookie too!🥰 It’s clear she’s been a pet before ending in the pound. She loves a cuddle, playing fetch and knows basic commands. Such as sit, down, paw and leave. Nessie also travels well in the car and happily jumps in. This girl needs to learn that not everyone wants a hug.🤪 Whoever adopts this girl will never have another dull day! Someone is going to be very lucky.🥰 Nessie has passed a full health check, started her vaccinations, been flead and wormed. She’s also booked in to be spayed. Everyone at the vets loved her.😘 This girl is 10 year plus commitment please consider this before apply. She needs her kind and body exercises every single day. 🐾 Please share fair and wide for this lady!🤞🏽 Remember to complete the form below in detail if you’re interested in adoption;