Collie cross spaniel

Everyone meet our next poundie….. Nellie!🖤 This girl is just over six months old and is a collie x spaniel (sprollie). Sadly when she was at the pound no one came forward for her!🥺 Nellie is a lovely girl who is quite shy to start, she’s not seen the world or had much life experience however, as soon as she trusts her handler, there’s no stopping her! She adores other dogs and her food!🫶🏼 She’s a very switched on girl and extremely active. Nellie now knows how to play and her lead walking has improved massively in a short space of time. She’s mastered the ‘sit’ command too.❣️ This girl is a sweetie however is going to need a lot of input. Plus throughout her life she’ll need plenty of mental and psychical stimulation. The breed is ideal for Canicross, agility or flyball. The perfect adventure buddy!! All of her photos are pretty sits or action shots …. No in between!🐾 Please share far and wide!❣️ Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;