French bulldog
Middle Aged
Older Only

Update for Nancy; Nancy is doing so well in foster. We have now gone through all the application sadly no one was suitable. Please read the write up in full before applying. 😬 Nancy needs a forever home with someone around who she can trust. She needs a pet free home so she is the ONLY animal. 🐶 This girl has come along leaps and bounds in foster. She’s so chilled in the house and really enjoying her walks! When walking, she just wants to ignore other dogs.🐾 Nancy has been fab with everyone she has met and loves going in the car. She’s spotless in the house too!❤️‍🩹 This girl needs home where she can relax and enjoy her life. This girl needs a new best friend.😍 Please share fair and wide so Nancy can find her forever home!🙏🏼 Everyone meet our next resident….. Nancy! ❤️‍🩹 Sadly Nancy has been brought back in to care after being adopted in 2018. Nancy wasn’t coping in a multi dog household so it was the best decision for her ❤️‍🩹 We always take back our own dogs where the adoption sadly fails. We have placed Nancy in one of our foster homes where she is the only animal and she seems a lot more relaxed and happy.🙌🏽 Originally Nancy came in with her sister Willow who were handed in after they couldn’t have any more C sections. They had been breed from and kept in a shed!💔😡 Fast forward to now, she’s come a long way… however she wasn’t coping well in the pack she was living in. Where as her sister Willow is doing fab. Nancy has always protected Willow as if it was her job, but now she doesn’t need to. It’s clear that Nancy is a happier girl when on her own! (Willow is coping just fine too)❣️ Whilst in foster Nancy has been fab with people and spotless in the house. She’s enjoyed her walks and loves the simple life.💜 She’s been a star at the vets when we took her for a check up. Nancy has been good at travelling in the car and just takes everything in her stride.💛 We are looking for a special home for Nancy, someone who understands her needs and has the time to give her walks and the attention she deserves. Nancy is a shy girl who’s timid to start, once she trusts you, she adores you!😍 We will be carrying on her assessment and training as she relaxes more in to this new type of life. Currently if she sees another dog on a walk, she completely ignores/avoids it or tries to walk the other way.🐶 Please share far and wide! 🐾 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;