Yorkshire terrier
Middle Aged
Older Only

Everyone meet our next resident….. Myrtle!🫶🏼 This girl is another dog who’s has has awful start in life. She’s lived outside and been used for breeding. Myrtle is 4 year old mini Yorkshire terrier!❤️‍🩹 She’s been fab since coming to our care, it’s clear she’s never been in a house before however adapting well now. Myrtle is a little shy to start but soon wants a fuss and cuddle on your knee. 😍 This girl deserves the world…. someone who’s going to dote on her and adore her as she will them. So far she’s slept in a crate without an issue and her housetraining is coming on well. 👌🏼 Myrtle had an urgent grooming as she was very heavily matted. She’s booked in to the vets for vaccination, flea, worm and spaying. This girl is now adapting to walking on lead and enjoying being on her walks. She adores her toys and will play for hours.😘 She’s ok around other dogs but will tell them if they are being too much. Myrtle would prefer a home as only dog, we feel. 🐶 This little lady needs a home full of empathy and compassion. Someone who will love her and meet her every need. Myrtle is only dinky but fills the room with her character. She needs daily walks and lots of love! 👌🏼 Please share this dinky lady far and wide! Remember to complete the before below if you’re interested in adoption;