Akita x
Middle Aged
Older Only

Mya update; 🤍 This girl is so lovely - She’s been a star in her foster home. Mya is spotless in the house and sleeps downstairs without an issue. 🥰 She loves a fuss and is fab in the car. She prefers calmer walks where there’s not a lot of dogs offlead etc. Mya walks well on lead and does listen to a correction! She knows a few basic commands and takes a treat beautifully. 🐶 Someone will be so lucky to have her in their life. Once she loves you, she give you her all!😍 We are looking for a calm household with no other pets and someone who loves going to quieter places on walks. Mya loves her cuddles and being groomed!🧡 Remember to complete the form if you’re interested in adoption; Foster report; Mya is a beautiful big bouncy girl who is looking for her special forever home. When she first came she was very aloof and uninterested in us. Fast forward three days and her playful and affectionate character is coming out. She has been perfect in the house, quiet on her own bed in the kitchen at night, walks really well on the lead, isn't bothered by traffic, travels well in the car and can be left on her own for a few hours. What's not to love? ❤️‍🩹 Well, if you have a perfect home and garden Mya probably isn't for you as she sheds hair all over your carpets and loves scratching the lawn. Mya is a big ish girl and needs space inside and out, but if you have the time to give her she will soon be your best friend. 🧡🐶 She loves cuddling up on the sofa with us and is becoming more confident and less stressed every day. Mya is like a little bear and we absolutely love fostering her.🥰