Scruffy lurcher
Middle Aged

Everyone meet our next poundie ….. Mya!❤️‍🩹 Mya is a nearly 7 year old scruffy lurcher who sadly found herself in the pound. She is very shy and this was extremely stressful for her. Thankfully, when she arrived with us we had the perfect foster home waiting and she’s settled in brilliantly!🥺🧡 This little lady is only 19kg and has passed a full healthcheck. Shes started her vaccinations, been flead/ wormed and she’s booked in to be spayed next week. Even though she was shy at the vets, she handled it well and allowed a full healthcheck to take place!😍 In the home, she’s the perfect house guest. She loves to cuddle on the sofa and enjoys the garden. Shes a good eater and really is a sweet girl.💜 Mya is good in the car and happily jumps in and out. Sadly it seems this girl has been walked much as the outside world is a little overwhelming but she is improving a little every day.❤️‍🩹 She will now go for a few short walks a day and makes friends with strangers. Mya has been fine around other dogs so far, we will be assessing her further as she gets more confident. 😘 This girl needs a home full of love and empathy. It’s clear she needs to find some confidence which will happen natural over time. She’s doing well in foster and we are very proud of her improvements in such a short space of time!🧡 We feel she could live with dog savvy older children and possibly another dog. We currently haven’t  seen her around cats or small furies. She really needs someone to show her world is not a scary place!🥺🙏🏼 Please share this stunning girl far and wide, so she can find her happy forever after.🏡 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;