Everyone meet our next resident ….. Murphy!😍 This little chap found himself in our care after the other resident dog wouldn’t adapt to him. Please no negative comments, as the owner has done the right thing. Sadly the breeder won’t take him back. We are seeing this more frequently!😖 Murphy is a whippet pup who’s possibly a cross, however we don’t know for sure. He’s around 10 weeks old and has now started his vaccinations, been flead and wormed and will be neutered once old enough. This is compulsory.❤️‍🩹 This lad is currently doing very well in his foster home. He sleeps all night and is puppy pad trained. Murphy is good with other dogs and fab with dog-savvy children. 😘 He was great at the vets and passed a full healthcheck. Murphy only weighs in at 4.3kg currently. He loves the attention and took everything in his stride. ❤️🌟 Murphy is NOT a Christmas present!! He is going to require a lot of input and training. He is one clever little mite. This lad could be 10-15 year commitment and we need someone who understands sighthounds and their DNA. They are fab dogs but pups are HARD work! They chew, bite and do everything they shouldn’t!🐶 Please share this lad but only apply if you have really considered having a puppy in your life. They are not pups forever, and soon enough are adult dogs with different needs. If there are other dogs in household, they must be neutered.🙌🏽 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;