Middle Aged

Everyone meet our Mouse!💔❤️‍🩹 Mouse is one of our forever fosters who came in to our care with his brother Tigz in 2019. Sadly his brother has passed and now his foster mum is extremely poorly and unable to care for him. Mouse is now 12 years old and looking for his forever retirement home.💔😣 This lad lights up the room, he is a clown dog and does anything for love and cuddles. He is amazing with dog savvy children and adores a fuss 💓 Mouse had an awful past, where he was kept in a shed for years and not socialised so he does need to be an only dog within the household. He is used to his neighbours dogs and will say hi through the fence. However he is scared of dogs when out and about walking. Sadly he hasn’t been walked for a while due to his foster mums health. 🥹😣 This lad is booked in for a dental and is on monthly infections for his joints. As he is a forever foster, we cover all medical bills for life. We just need a home where he is going to be loved until his end and make his remaining years full of happiness. 💙 Mouse is crate trained and sleeps downstairs in his crate over night. He is happy to be left for a few hours and is good at travelling. However sometimes needs a hand to get in the car. 🚗 This boy would adore a retirement home where he can have cuddles, plod around the block and a garden to sunbathe in. He very rarely has a zoomie and play with a football however does enjoy it from time to time. 🫶🏼 Please share this lad far and wide! He really does deserve the world!🩵 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in offering this lad a forever home;