Molly (pointy ears!)

Jack Russel terrier

Everyone meet our next resident.... this is molly!❤️ (however due to us having two jack Russell’s who are both called molly at the moment .... this is Molly pointy ears!) Molly pointy ears has come in to our care due to owner not being able to exercise her and meet her needs.This girl has only just turned one last Saturday!🐶 She is a fab girl who adores people and sensible children! She loves to have a fuss and cuddle! She will play ball for hours too!💚 Molly pointy ears is housetrained and loves her crate. She feels safe in her crate therefore she goes in there at bed time and when left. 👌 This girl is only small however has a lot of character. She is fine with dogs once she has met them properly but is nervous at first and will bark. However she is happy walking with them after a few minutes. 🐾🐾 Molly is needs a home with experience of shy dogs and someone who understand she needs socialisation! However you will have full back up of the rescue and our behaviourists. She is a good girl and just needs to realise the worlds not a scary place!💛 Molly pointy ears is doing well in foster home - perfect little house mate! She adores her adventures out and about in the countryside! She travels well in a car as well!😘 Please share this lady far and wide!🙏🏼🏡 Remember to fill in the online form and reference molly pointy ears!;