Middle Aged

Please say hello again to the lovely Mollie đŸ„° Sadly Mollies owner’s situation has changed significantly and he is no longer able to give her the life she needs. Mollie is a lovely middle aged energetic lurcher and loves her long walks and zoomies. Typically she will then happily settle down on the sofa in the evenings for belly rubs and cuddles. Mollie can appear anxious when in new places and meeting new people and dogs for the first time. However, once trust is established, she will happily charm and show her playful, lovable side. Mollie loves to be to be near you and is extremely loyal but can be left a few hours. She is a family dog and really excels when being around others and loves to lap up the attention. Mollie adapts well, but things need to be changed slowly so we will support the new owners with this. Mollie will follow commands and instructions. She is very clever and fully house trained and will let you know when she wants to go out by flapping her ears or standing near the door 💕 If you want a soul mate, then Mollie is your girl. She is a very affectionate dog. Mollie needs an owner who likes the outdoors and who has the time and patience to continue her training. We are looking for a lurcher experienced home and Mollie would prefer to be the only dog in it. No small furries 😂