Jack Russel terrier
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Everyone meet our resident ..... Mollie!🥰 This little girl is only small and she is a Jack Russel Terrier. Mollie has just turned two years old and is looking for a home again. Unfortunately, she came back in to our care due some behavioural issues. However since then she has been in a foster home with a training plan and her behaviour is improving massively! ❤️ Mollie was on a home from home system and it seems that we weren’t told the whole truth about her behaviour. However we're getting there with her now. Once rules are out in place this girl is a dream!💛 Mollie is good in the house and she is now crate trained. She follows commands well. She adores playing fetch. She knows; leave, wait, sit, stay and bed! Mollie loves people and older children! 🥰 This little girl can be dog reactive on lead but once she has met the dog properly she is brilliant. She is responding well to her training plan too!💚 We are looking for a home, with terrier experience and someone who adores the character of terriers. She needs a home where she will have lots of time spent with her walking and playing. However someone who will follow our behaviourist advice and plan! Mollie is a star and so clever! 🧡 Here’s what her foster mum says:’ Mollie is an absolute gem. She is an incredibly bright, inquisitive and loyal dog, bursting with potential. All she needed was some reassurance that someone else was in control and could take care of her. After just a few days of firm, consistent commands and lots of positive reinforcement she’s been transformed into a calm, respectful and gentle dog. She won’t enter a room before me now! It will take a little longer to address her reactivity to other dogs but she’s already shown signs of changing this behaviour too. She’s capable of that and so much more.’ Please share this lovely little lady far and wide!🤞🏼🙏🏼