Older Only

Everyone say Hi to our next resident.... Misty!😍 Misty is a big girl who still acts like a puppy! She is around 18 months old and is a large mixed breed (we are not sure exactly what breeds) 🐶 This girl is so much fun. Misty is so full of beans and life. Whoever adopts her is going to have a clown on their hands!😛 Recently she hasn’t had the input she needed regarding socialisation and the right amount of exercise. However now she is in foster; she’s getting all her needs met. 🙌🏽 Misty has been fine with everyone she has met. However we are saying older children only as she will knock a child over when playing. She has been good with dogs who greet her properly. Misty loves being out and about. She will play fetch for hours and her recall is pretty good too. Her lead work is improving daily as well!🐾 This girl sleeps all night in her crate and loves it in there. It’s her safe place. She’s been spotless in the house and fab in the car. Misty has passed a full healthcheck, started her vaccinations and is booked in to be spayed.🙏🏼 We would love a home for Misty full of love, fun and structure. Large breed experience is preferred.🐶💪🏼 Remember to complete the form below with as much detail as possible if you’re interested in adoption;