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As promised an updating Mimi. Mimi is coming on brilliantly in her foster home. Now she’s trusting her foster humans and canines. 🫶🏼❤️‍🩹 We feel Mimi is going to need an empathic home with people who understand her needs and her lack of confidence. She’s not a dog for first time owners and she won’t cope in a busy family home. 🫶🏼 This girl is doing well, she’s enjoying her walks and meeting new people. Mimi loves calm dogs which allow her space. We feel she would benefit from a home with stable and balanced dog to allow her trust them over time and then learn from them.🥰 She’s crate trained and when the worlds a little too much, she’ll take her self off. Mimi sleep over night in her crate and is now toileting on puppy pads. 👌🏼 Mimi has been to the vets and they are happy with how she is doing. They have booked in her for spaying and are going to have good look at her jaw when she’s under anaesthetic. As she’s too scared for them to look when she’s awake. ❤️‍🩹 Please share this and we can hopefully find this girl her perfect forever home. Please note we won’t be rehoming her until 2023. Remember complete the form below in DETAIL if you’re interested; Everyone meet our next resident……Mimi!💔❤️‍🩹 Mimi is not currently up for adoption but has been in our care since the weekend. She was brought in due to her owner working longer hours and not being able to look after her as she should. 🐶 This girl is said to be 7 months old and she’s a small crossbreed. When she arrived it was very clear she needed a vet. There were reports of Mimi being ran over by a bike but hadn’t seen a vet when with her previous owner. ☹️ The vets assessment was that Mimi has a broken jaw which hasn’t been treated. Equally she has sight issues and we believe she can only see shadows! 😕 Mimi, quite understandably, takes time to trust you and is doing well in foster. We are monitoring her and following vet advice. At the moment she’s on medications and then a review next week with stage 2 of the plan. This girl adores her food. She’s good in her crate and asks to go to the toilet. Mimi is now getting stronger and pottering around the garden. 🤞🏽 Please send positive thoughts In Mini’s direction. 🙏🏼 A massive thank you to Hannah and Lewis for fostering this girl! We will keep you all posted on her over the coming weeks. 👌🏼