Lab x Collie

Everyone meet our next resident….. Milo!😘 This lad is Lab x Collie mix who is 7 months and sadly brought in to our care. Please no negative comments. This was a very hard decision! Sadly Milo struggles if he is left for more than 1.5 hours.😔 Milo is currently in foster with two other dogs and is doing extremely well. One of the other residents dogs is active and playful with him, which is great. Where as the other resident dog is more chilled out and won’t take any messing. So the balance works well for him! He has been a superstar!🐶 This lad is extremely active and clever. A walk isn’t enough for him. He needs a lot of daily mental and physical stimulation, and will need it for the rest of his life. He knows a lot of commands and picks up training fast! Who’s has this lad is going to have so much fun!! 😀 Milo loves water and has his own life jacket. He is very ball focused, however is given structured playtime so he doesn’t get obsessed. Milo will share toys & balls without an issue too! 🙏🏼 He has been around children with no issues however, he is a bouncy lad so we are saying experienced or older children. It is said Milo is good around horses too!❣️ Please complete the form below if you’re interested in adopting this clever lad. Please ensure you explain your daily routine and how you’ll exercise Milo;