Millie May

Westie x Yorkie

Everyone meet the latest member of the Almost Home Dog Rescue family, Millie May!😍 This little lady is 3 years old and has found herself looking for a new home due to her owners ill health!😔 Millie is a Westie x Yorkie. She can be a little shy however comes around within a few minutes. She adores human attentions and good around sensible children. Millie is happy to be left for a few hours and is crate trained for car journeys! 💚 This little lady is good with other dogs however has never lived with one. She adores being off lead and playing fetch. Millie has good recall and will come back when called. She is a sociable dog once she is happy in her surroundings!🐶 We are looking for an active home for this lady. As she loves her walks and adores water!🐾