Bichon frise
Middle Aged

Everyone meet our next residents … Millie & Mina ❤️🐶 They are two 9 year old Bichons who haven’t had the best life so far. They are now in foster and receiving some much needed and long overdue TLC.❤️‍🩹 As you can see by the photo, Millie has a large growth on the side of her face which has been left untreated for a very long time. Due to its size and location she is constantly dragging it on the ground when she is sniffing and obviously it hangs into her food and water bowls too. This has caused the growth to become infected, painful and incredibly smelly, which is absolutely heartbreaking because she’s such a happy and sweet little girl. She was taken straight to our vets as an emergency within an hour of landing in our care but unfortunately we can’t operate on the growth until we have the infection under control as the wound won’t heal if the skin is infected. 🤞🏽 Mina is in better shape but is a little overweight and has some mammary tumours which need to be removed ASAP. Mina is a very happy girl and loves her cuddles. She is the more confident of the two and will do absolutely anything for a treat!! 🧡 They have not received much exercise over the years but if you pick up the leads, they are raring to go!! They love being outside exploring and really enjoy a good sniff. 🐾 They’ve both travelled well, been good around other dogs, spotlessly clean in the house, were great at the vets and have taken tablets like troopers (always a bonus)! 🫶🏼 These girls will be spayed, have all lumps and bumps removed, will be fully vaccinated, flea treated and treated for worms and once they are fighting fit, they will be looking for their new forever home. They need a home full of love, cuddles, good food and adventures.❣️ Remember to complete the form below if you’re interest in adoption: