Cocker Spaniel
Older Only

Everyone meet Millie!💛đŸ˜Ș This girl has not had the best of times! She hasn’t seen much of the world at all, most of her life she been confinedđŸ˜Ș she is 10 years old and chocolate Cocker spaniel! 😔 Over the coming days we will be carrying out a full and extended assessment on Millie! However so far, it’s clear that this girl needs a lot of TLC and positive reinforcement training! She currently has eyes and ear infections, but is now on medication to help.😘 Millie hasn’t been walked much so we will start with walks little and often for both her psychical and mental well-being, as we do with all dogs. We need to start again with girl! Which we will do! Her new life starts now!😍🏡 This girl isn’t up for a adoption yet however, she will be when we feel she is ready. Therefore you can fill in form now, please ensure you have the time and patience for this girl!