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Everyone meet our next resident….. Mickey!😍 Micky has gone straight into a foster with view to adopt. However we are still going to take applications. Just incase they aren’t the right match!💛 Sadly due to his past this lad has separation anxiety. However he is not destructive but he is vocal. This comes from abandoning issues before the people who had him signed a over. He’s had bumpy past with none of it being his fault! 😞💔 Mickey is a friendly lad who’s a tad shy to start but soon comes around. He is 7 year old jack Russel! 🐶 This lad loves people and is good with older children. He has been fine with other dogs and tends to ignore cats!😍 Mickey is still relatively active. He loves his walks and being out and about. He travelled well and enjoys being in the garden! 🧡 Thankfully, he has faster than we first thought in foster. He is confidence is coming along well. Mickeys personality, is starting to come out a little each day!❤️‍🩹🐶 Remember to compete the form beloow if you’re interested in adoption of Mickey;