Springer Spaniel

Everyone meet our latest resident..... Mia!🥰😍 This little lady is amazing! Mia has come in due to no fault of her own! She is a 2.5 year old springer spaniel who’s only small. Mia is a tad shy and she hasn’t seen much of life either!🐶 Mia will be a fab girl with a little more confidence and socialisation! She is good with other dogs and more than happy around sensible older children!💜 This girl is a sign over so this means we know a little bit more about her. She has lived with children and she is house trained. She is happy to left for a few hours without and issue. 👌 However since she has been with us, we have noticed she can be a tad nervous of new things but quickly comes around when she realises they are not a threat! 😘 We are looking for someone who is committed to her building her confidence and doing some socialisation work with her! Our behaviourists are on hand to help with Mia journey every step of the way. 💙🐾 Please share this little lady far and wide and get her the home she deserves!🙏🏼🏡