Middle Aged

Everyone meet our next resident….. Merlot 💙 Merlot is just ace, he takes everything in his stride. Nothing stresses this boy out! Everyone he meets gets a warm welcome!🥰 This lad is stunning and he is only 3 years old! He is a clown dog - he does the most funny, silly things…. we are sure he does it to make us laugh on purpose!😂🥰 Merlot is a good all rounder and again could possibly live in a family home. He is fab with the other greyhounds, both male and female. He loves people and travels well! Merlot is learning to play and starting to really relax with us in his new environment ❤️ This guy loves going for walks then crashing on his bed for a hour or two! We think once settled in a home, he will be a chilled out dude.🐶 Remember to complete form below if you’re interested in adoption;