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Everyone meet our next resident Megan!😍 This girl is tiny and hasn’t had a good life! She is approximately 18 months old. However she has lived most of life on chain!😭💔 However she is now in our care and her new life begins. So far we can’t fault this girl! She has had a bath, a good brush and a dodgy hair cut! She had matts bigger than tennis balls! We will book in for a groom session ASAP!!🐶 Megan has been nothing but a star since the get go! She is brilliant with other dogs and loves people. She is learning to walk on lead and seems fine around traffic! 🐾 This little lady attended our packwalk yesterday. Which is a busy and big event! She was loving it! No issues with dogs, people, bikes, cars and loved the sea!😍 More details to follow! This girl is truly a darling! She has the whole world at her paws!💛 Please share so find this little mite a forever home! 🤞🏼