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Everyone meet our next poundie.. (get the tissues ready!) Marvellous Mathilda!😍💔 This little lady is tiny! She only weighs 2.7kg, she has bones that shouldn’t be showing! Mathilda is also so has awfully thin! We believe she isn’t eating much due to her teeth and the pain she is in! We also believe she is an ex breeder! So we can only imagine the things she has been through.☹️ However this lady doesn’t let anything stop her! She is a lively little dog who enjoys being out in the fresh air! She loved having the sun on her yesterday. We watched Mathilda change, she was shy and down, then we put her in the paddock and the sun was out! That’s it, she literally changed at the moment. She was trotting around like she owned the place! 🐾🐾 Mathilda is in a foster home and is booked in for a dental and spaying next week. For now she is on soft and nutritional diet! Hopefully build up some condition and strength!💪🏼💜 More update to follow! However we are looking for a quiet and loving retirement home for this girl. Where she can be tested as deserved and live the life she should! 🧡 Please share this little lady and wide!🤞🏼