Everyone meet our next poundie….. Marvin!💛 Marvin found himself as an unclaimed stray. Sadly he was in the pound but luckily we managed to find a space for him. He is now safe and on the road to recovery before we find him his forever home. 🏡🙏🏼 This boy is a Saluku who is about 2 years old. He shockingly only weighed in at 17.4 kg and has a very low body score with no muscle or body condition. 😔 He is currently on small and often meals to get some meat on his bones as well as small and often walks to keep him stimulated. Marvin is going in to foster so he can recover and decompress. However this lad has been amazing with everyone he’s met so far!🤗🥹 He loves the attention he gets and leans on everyone who shows him some love. Marvin was fab at the vets and his bloods have come back within normal range which is amazing. Now we need him to relax and recover, with comfy beds, good food and plenty of TLC!💛🙏🏼 Marvin has been good with dogs and older dog savvy children. He walks well on lead and travels well too. He is still learning how to get in the car but once in he is a super star.🤩⭐️ We will do another update shortly once he has settled in foster and we know more about him. However we do know he is going to need a home with time to spend with him and in time an active home to show him the world!🐾🐾 Please share this lovely lad far and wide! Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;