Everyone meet our next resident ….. Martin!❣️ This lad has been brought in to our care due to a change in his family’s circumstances. This has resulted in Martins needs not being met and the family felt it was only fair for him to be rehomed so he can have the life he deserves. 🙏🏼 Martin is a whippet x staffie (bull lurcher) who’s 9 months old. He has lived in a family environment and loved it. He adores an active lifestyle and then a lot of cuddles and loves in the evenings. 😘 This lad has done very well in foster. He settled straight away and slept through the night. This is in his own bed, but in the fosters bedroom. Martin is spotless in the house and loves his food!😍 Martin knows a lot of basic commands and adores other dogs. He just wants to play!! On walks Martin is excited to start but soon settles. However does need more lead work. It is said Martin has relatively good recall for a sighthound too!🐾 This lad is going to make a great family addition and needs a life full off adventures and love. He is brilliant at travelling as well!😇 Remember to complete the form below work as much detail as possibly if you’re interested in adoption;