Bichon frise

Everyone meet our next residents .... Marley and Amy! 🧡 These guys have come in to our care due to no fault of their own. There was a sudden death within the family and the owner felt it was best for these guys to be rehomed.🐶 Marley 10 years old and Amy 9 years older have been used for breeding. They haven’t come to us in the best condition. Marley has a serve dental issue, bad ears, in need of grooming, a decent diet and neutering. Amy is overweight, sore skin, needs grooming, neutering and possibly some dental work. We have already restarted their vaccinations, flead, wormed and improved their diet. They will feel so much better with in the next week!🙏🏼🤞🏼 So far these guys haven’t put a paw wrong. They are in a foster home and are loving their new lives. They both love people and take all the love and fuss they can get. Both are housetrained and crate trained - they like their crate as a safe place to go! They walk well and travel too. 🥰 We are still deciding whether to keep them together or not. The reason being sadly as Marley has been a stud dog he simply doesn’t leave Amy alone. However there’s a bond there as well. So we are carrying on our assessment over the coming days to find what’s right for these guys. Also they are being neutered this week and groomed which gives us time to see them apart and together again. Also neutering may help the situation.🤞🏼 Please no comment about keeping them together etc, we will do what’s best for the dogs we know. Thanks. Please share and complete the form below with as much details as possibly if you’re interested in adoption; We will be looking for people who are able to follow any advice and guidance from us on how best to look after these 2 whether they are together or separate.