Lab x Collie
Middle Aged
Older Only

Everyone meet our next resident ….. Marley!😍 Marley is one of three dogs which we have brought in together from a flat where their owner was not meeting their needs. Out of the three dogs, Marley is the one who is least fazed by it all.🤞🏼 This lad is a 6 year old lab x collie who’s a happy lad to be around. He has been fab with all humans he has met. Marley has also started walking with the other dogs in kennels and he is doing well!❣️ He came from a home with two other females, one being his pup. These girls are too stressed for Marley. He prefers to be with Bert and Ernie, the chilled out dudes!😂❣️ Marley is now good on lead and listens to a correction. He adores going out and about. Marley isnt bothered by traffic and is more than happy to walk as the only dog or in a pack.🐾 This lad loves his toys and sticks. He loves a job where he can carry something. Marley knows some basic commands too!🙌🏽 Today Marley is being neutered and starting his vaccinations. We have flead and wormed him already.🐾 Now it’s time for Marley to find a loving forever home! Somewhere with daily walks, fun and cuddles. Someone is going to be very lucky to have this gorgeous boy in their life!😍 Remember to complete the form below is you’re interested in adoption;