Everyone whisper hello to Malcom!😍 This lad is truly a heartbreaker!💔 Malcom found himself in our care through the pound, he was on death row due to being a stray! He is around 1/2 year old and a greyhound. ( not an ex racer)💙 This lad is one of the most shut down dogs we have seen at Almost Home Dog Rescue for a long time!😔😡 We can only imagine what this lad has been through, sometimes it’s a blessing not to know their past. 😪 Malcom has no trust in humans at all. Yet he isn’t aggressive. This lad gets this confidence to come out of his kennel when the other dogs are out and playing. However if a human makes a noise or moves he shoots straight back inside. 😞 We had to put a lead on him to get him from the pound to hq - he just completely froze and defecated! 🤬😭 These are the situations which remind you why you started a rescue and why you carry on! 🐾 Malcom is now safe here at Almost Home Dog Rescue and he has started his rehabilitation. This lad will be ok however it is going to take a lot of work from ourselves and Malcom! We aim to put the life back in to Malcom eyes!🙏🏼🐾🤞🏽💙 Please share for Malcom! However he is not ready to be adopted yet due to his lack of trust in the humans race!😔 We a looking for someone with experience with nervous/scared or abused dogs! No young children and someone who’s willing to carry on our rehab programme! 🏡 Malcolm update. After a lot of hard work, sweat & tears ( and that’s just Malcolm ) our boy is coming on leaps and bounds. This lad has still got a long way to go, however today was massive for him and us. Proud of the AH team for their patience and trust with Malcolm.