Crossbreed (pug x beagle)
Middle Aged

❤️‍🩹Update on our girl … Maisie! Forever foster appeal!❤️‍🩹 What’s a forever foster? Sometimes dogs come in to our care that we think may be difficult to rehome, often because they are in their twilight years, or they have an existing medical condition. In these cases, Almost Home offers to cover medical expenses, in exchange for a loving home for them to spend their, hopefully many, remaining years. Maisie came to us from the pound and our fosters quickly realised something wasn’t quite right. Once at our vets it was thought to be bladder stones. Once on the operating table it was clear, she had been suffering for a long time. We can’t imagine the pain she’s been in! 💔 Our vets had never seen such a bad case of kidney stones! There was 15/20 stones and they were big! They were tested and came back as Struvite meaning she will need to remain on a prescription diet for the rest of her life. Currently she’s going very well in this diet. She’s also on diet for weight loss. She’s coped amazing so far and is already a lot more active and happy. 🫶🏼 Once she’s healed form this, she’s going to be spayed and have a mammary lump removed too. They are also going to sample the lump on her tail too. We need this girl to have an empathetic home and someone who will work with us going forward to get her in the best shape possible. As a rescue, we will cover all cost related to the above. ❤️‍🩹 Maisie will be best in relaxed home where she can have plenty of walks and cuddles. She really is the perfect houseguest and someone is going to be very lucky to have her. We just hope someone is willing to open up their hearts to this girl! She needs to be the only animal within the household. 🫶🏼 Please share this little lady far and wide so she can find her forever home. 🏡🙏🏼 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in offering this girl her forever home; Everyone meet our next poundie ….. Maisie!😍 Maisie is a puggle who’s around 7 years old. Sadly she came from the pound where she found herself as an unclaimed stray. Which is mind boggling!🤯 This girl is brilliant, she’s been a good houseguest too! So far, she’s been ok with most of the dogs and everyone she met. We feel she could live in a family home with older savvy children. 🐶 Maisie has clearly once been a loved pet, she’s housetrained and adores being with you. She loves going in the garden and on her walks. She really is enjoying her foster home!🏡♥️ When out and about she’s happy to say hi to everyone. She loves sniffing and exploring. We do walk her on a head collar, this helps with her pulling as she’s excited to start. With her enjoying her walks, this means her weight will lower well too as she’s a little chubby at the moment. 🙈🐾 Maisie travels well and does understand basic commands. She’s very treat workable and that could be why she’s a tad overweight. However she’s happy girl who will be a great additional family member!😁 At the vets, she was star. She allowed the vets to have a good look at her. We have booked her in to be spayed as soon as she’s lost some weight. Currently she’s at 19kg and she should be around 14kg. This will come down in due course as she’s now been walked and enjoying it.🐾🐾 Please do give this girl a share, so she can find her forever humans.🙏🏼 Remember to compete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;