Middle Aged

Everyone meet our next resident …… Magic!🖤 Magic is a rescued racing greyhound who’s around 5 years old. He’s a stunning lad who has the most expressive ears, we have ever seen. When they are up and forward he looks like a rabbit! 😂🐰 Since coming to our care after completing 47 races and his last race being last month, he has well and truly relaxed. When he arrived he was confused by it all and now he adores human attention. He wants nothing more than human company in the sun. Magic adores sun bathing.☀️ He has been perfect with all the volunteers and greets everyone well. Anyone can go in to his kennels, feed, fuss or walk him. Magic walks beautifully on his lead and is more than happy having a few short walks a day.🐾 When he’s out and about walking, all our volunteers comment on his manners and how he loves to lean on you. He’s one of the lazy type of greyhounds who would prefer a cuddle to a walk! He is getting used to traffic when walking and loves the country lanes.💚 We are still assessing him around other dogs however so far he has been brilliant. He was walked with a small terrier without an issue and passed other small breeds too. He’s an inquisitive lad who just needs someone to show him the way. He needs a home with no small furies.🐶 Magic could be homed with dog savvy children. He is a good boy who is ver gentle too. He travels well and is happy watching the world go by. He was fab in the vets and happy to be handled. Magic has been neutered, had a scale and polish as well some corns being removed.💪🏼 Please share magnificent Magic so he can find his forever family and sofa!🏡 Remember to compete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;