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Everyone meet our next poundie……Maggie!💔❣️ Maggie is a heartbreaker who has clearly seen nothing but neglect and abuse throughout her life. The scars both mentally and physically tell us her very sad story. This girl came in via the pound. It’s clear she’s been dumped after having many litters of pups as the market for puppies has now crashed and she’s no longer useful as a puppy machine😣 This girl came to us very scared of the world however she would still wag her tail slowly when you spoke to her. 🥺 Maggie is around 4/5 years old and has had a hell of a life. She’s full of scars, sore paws, sore ears, pressure wounds, saggy undercarriage, hardly any muscle and very underweight. That’s just the psychical things. Emotionally and mentally, she’s drained and scared. She drops to the floor when you pick anything up or move you hands too fast. 🤬💔 HOWEVER once she trusts you, she never forgets you. In fact she ADORES you and you can do anything with her……. This why we don’t deserve dogs. After years of hell, she’s still willing and able to trust!🫶🏼🤞🏽 Whilst being in our care, she’s been brilliant with other dogs in the kennels area and when on her walks. We haven’t done off lead as she’s in season currently. 🙈 She’s walking better on lead and doing small and often walks to build up her strength slowly. She’s not seen anything of the real world but as long as she trusts her handler - she’ll take it in her stride.🙌🏽 We are looking for someone who is going to adore this girl and give her love and confidence she needs. A calm and relaxed environment is what this girl needs and more importantly, deserves! Someone who has had rescue dogs and is used to bull breed or larger breeds is preferred. Or someone willing listen and work with us. 🧡 Please, please share this girl so we can ensure the rest of her life is the best of her life.🙌🏽 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;