Older Only

Everyone meet our next residents…. Maccie and Charlie!💜💙 This lads are both shihtzus who are 12 years old this year. They aren’t brothers but have always lived together so we would like to keep them together. Charlie is cream and white and Maccie is black and grey. 😍 Sadly their original owner passed away and then family members looked after them but realised they needed more than they could offer.💔 On assessment both lads were happy to be handled and loved a fuss. Both were comfortable being picked up too. They were good on lead and off lead as well.🐾 These lads have been to the vets and have passed heathchecks. Charlie needs dental and both are just older boys. However good for their age.❤️‍🩹🙏🏼 Since coming in to our care they went straight in to foster and have fitted straight in. Both of them are perfect house guests and haven’t put a paw wrong! 😁 They have previously lived with cats and have been fab with all the dogs they have met so far. We feel they could cope with older dog savvy children who know how to respect a dogs boundaries. They love travelling and jump in to the car happily. 🫶🏼 These lads need a retirement home with a couple of small walks a day, lots of love and sunbathing! They really are true gentlemen!😍 Please share far and wide for this fab lads!🏡 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;