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Everyone meet our next resident ….Mac!💙 Mac is a lovely lad who’s 2 years old and a black lab. Sadly his original owners health declined and the family stepped in to look after him until they could find a rescue space. Originally Mac was bought in Ireland as pup and brought over here.😞 This lad is a sweetheart but very nervous of fast moving hands and new people. There is zero aggression shown, he just freezes. He’s head shy too. He will need a home with other dogs, as he is a lot more relaxed when around other dogs. 🫶🏼❤️‍🩹 Mac is doing well in his foster with two other dogs. He really is happy when around other dogs, and this helps him relax around the humans too. He will take treats and have a cuddles. 🥰 This lad needs a home with someone who has other dogs and has an understanding of nervous dogs. He is doing well and we know this is due to being around confident dogs and calm people. 🫶🏼 Mac has restarted his vacacintions, been flead, wormed and is booked in to be neutered when he’s ready. He’s been good with handling as long as he knows the person or is allowed time to settle. We know within a few weeks he’ll be a different dog.💛 In the house he’s been doing very well, he hasn’t had one accident and is sleeping downstairs without an issue. Previously he has lived in and outdoors - however he is a comfort lover! 🥰 Please share this beautiful lad far and wide so he can find that special home! 🤞🏽 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;