Jack russel

Everyone meet our next resident …. Lulu!💜 Lulu is 3 year old Jack Russel who’s found herself in our care due to her owners working hours resulting in her being left up to 15 hours day with very little exercise! 🥺 It was the right thing for Lulu to be surrendered to us so she can be rehomed to a family can meet her needs!🙌🏽✅ Lulu has come in to our care and gone straight in to foster where she has settled very well indeed. She is enjoying the company and exercise!🐾🐾 This girl has been good with other dogs when out and about but has never shared her home with another animal. Previously she has lived with children without an issue, we feel she could live with dog savvy children moving forward!😍 Lulu is everything a terrier should be, full of life and personality. She adores being out and about exploring. She loves to play and then at the end of the day have a cuddle. 😘 This girl needs home with understanding of the breed. Lulu is hopefully going to live another 10/15 years so please ensure you plan for the future. We must find her, the forever home she longs for!🏡 Please share this lovely little mite!🤞🏽 Remember  to complete the form below if you’re interested adoption;