Middle Aged

Everyone please say hello to Louie 💜 Louie is ? Years old and is currently in a family home with 2 children. He is much loved however very sadly one of the children is allergic. The family have tried for several months to make it work but sadly it’s just too much for the child 😓 Louie’s family are devastated and have written the following about him….. Louie is a gentle giant and loves everyone he meets 🥰 He is great with the kids and loves travelling in the car or van. Louie is fantastic in the house and totally house trained. He Loves chilling in his crate and to have all his toys with him. He is a beautiful soul who just wants to be with you and adores human company. He is still getting used to life away from racing but his walking on lead gets better everyday. If you feel you would like to meet or have more information on Louie he is a ready made family companion so please complete the application below