Lola / Autumn

Middle Aged
Older Only

Everyone meet our next resident ….. Lola (was Autumn)❤️‍🩹 Lola has had a rough time through life. She came in from the pound covered in scars and very clearly unsure of the world…..💔 Sadly this girl is being returned to us. She is currently staying with her adopter until we find her the forever home she needs. She was originally from the pound and she went straight into foster. The fosterers ended up adopting her after falling in love 😍 Unfortunately, Lola is dog reactive when on walks, she can walk with dogs who she gets to know over a period of time, however sadly the adopters feel they are not the right people to train and support Lola with this 💔😢 More detail will be given to serious applicants. 😕 In training during the last few weeks, Lola was able to walk past other dogs without a reaction as she felt more secure and safe on this type of lead and with a confident handler. So we know how we can manage her better now.👍🏽 Lola is a fab girl…. she’s been great around adults and loves nothing more than a cuddle. She hasn’t met any children but we feel she would be fine with dog savvy older children 🤗 In the home, she’s the perfect houseguest. She’s spotless over night, happy to be left for a couple of hours and enjoys playing with her toys.😍 Lola travels well in the car and isn’t bothered by traffic when out and about walking. Lola has quite a high chase instinct with cats and squirrels etc so no small furries! She’s good off lead in a secure area where she can have her zoomies!🐾🐾 We are looking for a home with people who have lurcher experience and understand preydrive. Someone willing to work with us to get Lola better around other dogs. We know she can do it, as she has two dog friends. We need someone to stick by her no matter what and show her the way🤞🏽🫶🏼 Please share far and wide!🙏🏼 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;