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Everyone please say Hi to our next resident…. Lola!💜 ‼️Please read full write up before applying‼️ Lola is a 12 year old, Chihuahua cross. This girl has come in to our care due to her elderly owner going to in to a residential home. 💔 This girl is so nervous. Sadly she has not been walked for 10 years so the world is a scary place. However considering she is so scared we haven’t seen one sign over aggression from her at all! 🙏🏼 Since coming in to her foster home, Lola has been in one room with her crate, food, water and a puppy pad. After a lot of quiet time and being allowed space to adjust, she is just starting to come out and say hi. 🥰 Lola now let’s her fosterer, give her a little stroke and rolls over. However quickly goes back her crate if scared. This girl now follows her foster to the door however as soon as you look at her, she runs back her crate again! Slowly but surely she’s gaining her confidence.💛 Lola isnt ready for adoption yet however, we will keep everyone posted on how shes getting on. We need to get Lola to the vets for a check over. 🥰 Please keep an eye out for updates on this little lady. 🐶 If you feel you’re suitable please complete the form below with as much detail as possible. However remember we won’t be going through her forms until she’s ready to be adopted.