Everyone meet our next resident..... Lola! 😘 Lola is a little mite but she is full of character and energy! Sadly, she came in to our care due to her owner moving house and being unable to take her with them.☹️ This girl has only recently come in to our foster care but so far she has been a star! She is a tad shy to start with, however this is to be expected. Lola is a JRT cross who is 2 years old. 💛 She loves people and her cuddles. However she also adores her walks. Lola is good in the car and fab in the house. She walks ok on lead and is more than happy to be left for a few hours. 🐶 This lady is ok with dogs as long as they aren’t in her face. She prefers dogs to leave her alone and give her space. On a walk she just ignores other dogs however if they bark, so will she. Lola is suited to live as an only pet so she can be someone’s world!🌟 We will post more updates over the coming days about this girl settles in and personality comes out. We are looking for an active home for this girl with someone who has the time to exercise and socialise her, even after lockdown!🙏🏼🤞🏼 Please complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption. However please ensure you put as much information in to the form as possible;