Older Only

Everyone meet our next resident .... Link!🧡 This lad is approximately 9 years old and he is a kelpie. Sadly Link was struggling to accept and understand a toddler within the household. He was becoming stressed by the noises and movements. Therefore it was in his best interest to find a new forever home! 🙏🏼 Link has been in foster since coming in to our care and he is been nothing less than perfect!! He is a true gentleman who greets everyone beautifully. He is playful with other dogs and has previously lived with a cat. 🐾 Link walks well on lead and isn’t phased by much at all. He travels well in the car and loves his walks. Link has been perfect in the house too. 💚 We are looking for a home with older/calmer children and someone with an understanding of the breed. Link is very clever and still active, therefore he needs his body and mind exercised daily. 💙 Please complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption. Remember to complete the form with as much detail as possible;