Lily (was Keffi)


Everyone meet our next resident….. Lily (was Keffi) 🫶🏼 Lily was originally in our care at the start of the year. She was a puppy from the pound who no one came forward to claim. Sadly she has been return due to her separation anxiety and her rough lurcher play.☹️ (When she was with us we called her Keffi.) This girl is only a small lurcher….. likely to be a whippet cross. She’s super friendly with people and really enjoys her cuddles. She’s fab in the car and loves watching out of the window. 😁 Lily is a typical young lurcher, she adores to play but is still learning some manners. However she’s starting to learn her boundaries. 🧡 This girl is young and active. She needs her mind to be exercised as well as her body. Lily is very clever and picks things up very quickly. We need to find her a home with a good understanding of Lurchers.😘 Lily is fab with other dogs. Originally her foster home had four other dogs, then she was adopted in a home with another bigger dog. Currently where she is on foster, she’s playing with a mixture of dogs and again this is helping her with her manners of play. We haven’t seen anything malicious at all!! She also went to doggy day care, when adopted and we have been in touch with them….. they have been completely singing her praises. ❤️ This girl needs her forever home, someone willing to put the time and effort in. She’s got a good base of training and it just needs practicing and taking further. Lily is so bright and loves to be learning. She’s getting used to being left alone as well. At the moment, she can be left for short periods of time and we are building this up. This is something her new adopters need to consider. As always we are here to help. 🫶🏼 Please share this young girl far and wide so she can find her forever home!💛🤞🏽 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;