Middle Aged

Everyone meet our next resident ……Lily!♥️ Lily is a stunning 4 year old rescued racing greyhound. She found herself in our care after completing 62 races.😞💔 This dinky girl, loves being with you and enjoys her walks. She’s currently losing her kennel coat and her smooth slinky coat is coming through beautifully. 😍 Lily has a really calm soul and she loves plodding around the lanes and exploring - something she has never done before. She’s fab when passing people, dogs and traffic on her walks. This girl has fab lead manners too!🐾 So far Lily has been good around other dogs including a small terrier and many dogs in the vet waiting rooms too. She’s walked with a small terrier and been very well behaved. Sadly, she can’t be homed with small furries. 🫶🏼 This lady could live with dog savvy children. She’s a good eater and travels well too. Lily really is a sweetheart and everyone comments on her gentle ways.😇 At the vets this girl won everyone over and she was a star at her health check and when being spayed. Thankfully we got her spayed quickly as she was starting to develop pyometra when they opened her up. Thankfully, she was done in the nick of time. Or it could have ended up much worse for this girl 💔❤️‍🩹 We are looking for a home full of love and TLC for this girl. She has come scarring and bald patches and really deserves to be loved and pampered. 😍 Please share far and wide so this girl can find her very own human to adore🏡 Remember to compete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;