Rough coat Lurcher
Middle Aged

Everyone meet our poundie .... lovely Lewis! 😍 This boy is a heartbreaker. He is so thin under that coat, plus he is covered in scars. Yet he is trusting and friendly!😘 Lewis is approximately 5 years old and a rough coated Lurcher. ( he is between a whippet and small Lurcher size.) this boy is gentle soul with a troubled past!💔 Since being with us Lewis has been brilliant with all dogs at the rescue, bigger and smaller than him. He will happily walk with volunteers and he is starting to come out of shell a bit more each day! This boy was brilliant on the open day with everyone he met, including sensible children! 💛 Lewis is good at travelling and was more than happy to be vet checked. He had a clear bill of health! He just needs to put weight on and build his condition!💪🏼 Please share this lad far and wide, so we can get this boy his forever home that he deserves!🤞🏼 Remember to fill in the form below if you’re interested in offering lovely Lewis a forever home;