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Everyone meet our latest members of the Almost Home Dog Rescue family!😍 🐶Red collar - Myrtle - female - black with white and 3.5 years old. 🐶Yellow collar - Leo - Black with white and 4 years old. Messing a front toe - doesn’t bother him and it’s fully healed. 🐶Multi coloured collar - Quinn - black with white and 4 years old. They are all fab natured and enjoy human contact. They adore their walks and walk beautifully on lead. These guys are fab at travelling and more than happy to jump in and out of the car. All three are good with other dogs and are brilliant with people! 😍 They have all been to our vets today and passed a full health check. All three are being neutered next week. So far these guys kennel clean and they are starting to play too! Hopefully their personalities will be shinning through soon enough!💙 These amazing hounds have now retired from the track and are looking for loving homes. They have only come in to our care today and therefor we will know more about them soon.💛 Please share this beautiful hounds far and wide!🤞🏽🙏🏼