Labrador Cross
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Everyone say Hi to our next resident ..... Lenny!💙 Lenny was originally in our care two years ago when he came in from the pound. He went into a foster home and the foster decided to adopt him. Unfortunately the adopter brought Lenny back as he felt that he couldn’t trust Lenny, due to some ‘unexplained growling and snarling’ on occasion the adopter was trying to move him. At the kennels Lenny has been fab with all the volunteers. We haven’t seen any snarling or growling. He has simply done as asked 100% of the time. Lenny is happy to be handled and touched. We can take a ball from him and his food without an issue. He is ok with us going on his bed and asking him to move too. This lad walks very well on lead and isn’t bothered by traffic. This lad is currently on a diet as he is overweight, however he will soon lose the extra weight (10kg) as loves his walks! Lenny also adores swimming, he needs an quiet home with an active live style! We are also working towards building Lennys’ confidence as he is slightly nervous.đŸŸ This boys is approximately 3 years old and he is a Labrador cross. Lenny is happy to be left for a few hours in the house, he is housetrained and knows basic commands. He knows sit, wait, paw and he has good recall when off lead! This lad is good with other dogs and loves to play.😍 As always the rescue is here for any behavioural training needs for the rest of Lenny life. We are trying to find Lenny a home with someone who is active and will exercise him both mentally and Physically! đŸ€žđŸŒđŸ¶ More updates to come over the coming days!💚Please share him far and wide! đŸ€žđŸŒđŸ„° Remember to fill in the form below if you’re interested in adopting this lovely lad....