Gsd x
Middle Aged
Older Only

Everyone say hi to our next resident, here over from The Haven Rescue in Southern Ireland.....Lenny! 💙 Lenny is a GSD cross who has a one hell of ride. So now we need to find him his forever home! We need someone who is willing to work with us and Lenny so he can have the best possible life. 🤞🏼🙏🏼 This boy loves running ( fab at canicross) and playing. He loves his kong or any mental stimulation. games! 😘 Lenny is good with other dogs and good with people. He has been fine with older children too. He is housetrained and happy to left for a few hours. At night he will sleep all night long without an issue. Lenny is also crate trained! 😍 This lad just needs work with moving cars, he is reactive. However we have trained him to walk an a gencon and he starting to get there. 😁 He barks in the car at passing traffic however, if he is in a crate or can’t see out of the window - he is a lot calmer and actually likes going in the car. He jumps in and out without an issue - he isn’t stressed in the car. With the behavioural plan in place, if this is carried on in the new home - he is going to make someone a fab pet! We just need someone who is willing to put in the time and effort in with him and work with us as a team! 🙏🏼 This clever lad needs an active home and someone who wants to play and do mental stimulation exercises with him. We want a home with no other animals so that his adopters can give him the attention needed to carry on the behavioural work. 🤞🏼 Please complete the form below with as much details as possible, if you are interested in adoption;