Everyone say hi to our next residents ..... here over from The Haven Rescue in Southern Ireland; 🐶 Lena - brindle - greyhound. 🐶 Tilly - black and white - collie cross. Both these girls have just recently come in our care so we are still assessment them and their needs. However so far; 🐶 Lena is a lovely girl who has clearly had a hard ride through her life. She is an rescued ex racing greyhound who’s 3 years old. This girl is shy but does enjoy a fuss and her food. She is happy walking with other greyhounds too. Lena walks well on lead and has passed a full health check. She can be unsure of new things but quickly adapts and learns to enjoy them! 💜 🐶 Tilly has a rough and bumpy life so far - which is heart breaking. This lady hasn’t put a paw wrong with us. Tilly can a bit a tad unsure of you when you first meet her but this changes within a moment and then she happy to go in a walk and gave a fuss. She is strong in lead but we are training her with this and she is very fast to learn. With the right input and environment - she’ll be a cracking companion for someone! Tilly ADORES playing football and has passed a full health check.🧡 These girls need completely different types of homes from each other. So please keep an eye out for more details to come on both girls over the coming days!😘 Please complete the form below with as much details as possible, if you are interested in adopting either of these girls;