Everyone meet our next resident….. Layka!💙 This pup has served his seven days as a stray and is now in our care to find his forever home!💔❤️‍🩹 Layka is a lurcher pup who’s around 14 - 16 weeks old and is 10kg. He has passed a full health check and adored all the attention at the vets!😍 Currently he is in foster with three other Almost Home Dog Rescue previous residents, and he is doing well.🐶 We feel he is going to be a strong willed lad as he grows up, simply due to him having to survive. How does a young pup end up in a stray kennel? 💔😩 Layka has been fab with people and walks well on lead. He is starting to learn basic commands and loves a toy. This lad loves to travel and watches the world go by.🐾 He is likely to be medium/large sized lurcher. Layka is going to be 10 year plus commitment too. Please consider the amount of time and effort pups need!🐶🙏🏼 Please share far and wide. Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;