Pug x chi

Everyone meet our next poundie ….. Lara!🧡 This girl was found as a stray and no one came forward to claim her. However she’s now with us and we will find her the forever home she deserves!🫶🏼 Lara is a 7 month old, pug x chihuahua. Who’s not seen much of the world, she was a tad shy when she first arrived however that’s all gone now. She’s full of life, sass and character! Lara is not cat friendly.🙈😂 This girl is in foster with two other dogs and she’s been great. However she’s still a puppy, it’s clear she’s never had any structure or routine. The other dogs have had to put her in her place few times, but she does listen. Nothing nasty, just simple puppy cheekiness. However she needs clear boundaries.♥️🙌🏽 Lara is very clever and adores her walks. Again, she’s never had any lead training so we are starting again with her. She is understanding it but the world and exciting place, this needs to be carried on in her forever home. 🐶 She needs a home full of adventures and stimulation. Someone who understands when to reassure her and when to instruct her is a must. Lara is agile and does need a secure garden. She’s only small too, so she can under or jump over if she really wanted too.❣️ Lara adores her cuddles, she loves sitting on your knee after long walk. She’s also a sunbather. She’ll quite happily follow the sun around the house/garden and soak up the rays!💛 This girl travels well and isn’t bothered by traffic. She’s happy to be picked up and handled too. Lara can live with dog savvy children and other dogs however the other dogs have to be confident and not take any cheek from her. She is the type of character to push it ….. see what she can get away with 🙈😂 Whoever adopts this girl will never have another dull day again.🫶🏼 Please share this dinky girl far and wide. 🤞🏽 Remember to complete the form below in DETAIL if you’re interested in adoption;